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Massage types

Hydrotherapy is based on various types of underwater massages. Before you choose your own massage system, learn about how the different types work and what their differences are, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

HYDRO   masážní systém Hydro

The hydro-massage system is based on intensive water jets. The water is drawn with a pump and then injected into the bathtub through jets aimed at the respective parts of the body.

The jets are installed in fixed positions along the sides of the bathtub, but the direction of the water flow can be manually regulated as needed.

Massage helps the regeneration of strained muscles, promotes local blood flow to tissues and muscles and reduces muscle fatigue.

AIR   masážní systém Air

Air massage, (bubble bath) releases tiny air bubbles into the bath water.

An air pump forces air into air-massage jets located on the bottom of the bathtub, which then create a pleasant bubble bath effect.

The large amount of air bubbles rising to the surface have a gentle massage effect on the skin. Air massage is also beneficial for the lymphatic system and blood pressure.

HYDRO / AIR   masážní systém Hydro / Air

Combined water and air massage, brings double pleasure.

Enjoy intensive bubble massage together with water jets.

The systems can run separately or together. This will produce a combination of relaxation effects of air massage with water massage.

WHISPER   masážní systém Whisper

An original massage system, which is the only one on the market to offer relaxing massage by a combined air/water stream from the bottom of the bathtub.

This unique combination provides a very delicate and sensitive massage.

It is powered by a single motor, securing quiet and inexpensive operation.