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PU Plus technology

RAVAK distinguishes and uses two types of reinforcement technology of acrylic mouldings:

Reinforcement out of polyester resin filled with fibreglass - the so-called glass fibre reinforced laminate

Laminate reinforcement is the most commonly used type. A mixture of resin and fibreglass is sprayed onto an acrylic moulding. The ratio of these components and the amount of spay application is controlled by a computer for each individual bathtub. The product with the sprayed layer then hardens in the tempering tunnel, where also strict technological rules apply. The advantage of the glass fibre reinforced laminate is the high rigidity and strength of the product, which is available at an affordable price.

Original RAVAK reinforcement – PU Plus

The PU Plus reinforcement is a unique technology developed by the RAVAK Company. The polyurethane foam is sprayed in three layers hard-soft-hard (or solid-foam-solid) onto the acrylic moulding. Thanks to the precise manufacturing process a PU Plus product shows a unique rigidity and excellent heat and acoustic insulating qualities. They make these bathtubs suitable for installation of hydromassage systems. Possibility of recycling the whole product is another advantage.